HELPPR™ is a New Loan Mod Plan that can be part of new residential loans, for use if needed later, and can be used for any existing loan that is in trouble.

Prevents Most Loan Investment Losses for Lenders, and Loan Investors!

Prevents Most Property & Credit Losses for Loan Borrowers!

Provides Additional Business for Loan Doc Providers & Servicers!


Besides the whole economy, four specific groups especially benefit from the HELPPR™ Plan


Loan Doc Providers & Servicers

Private Lenders

Borrowers / Residential Developers

Investors in Private Loans Securitized or Not


HELPPR™ stands for Home Equity for Loan Principal & Payment Reductions. In exchange for the specific percent of the property conveyed to lender, loan principal owed is reduced by that percent in the loan mod, lowering the monthly payment by the same percentage. The amount of the % is determined by how low the payment needs to be reduced for affordability. Borrowers remain responsible for all insurance, property taxes, and property maintenance. Within a specified time, such as 1-3 years, the property must be sold or refinanced, at which time the modified loan is paid off to loan owner, including any profit based on percentage of property owned by loan owner. Borrowers also profit per percentage they still owned at time of sale/refinance, if property value had increased since loan mod was made.

HELPPR™ Plan modified loans can be sold to investors who believe there will be profit on the percentage of property conveyed by borrower for the loan mod, or simply the percent of property conveyed to loan owner can be sold to investors.

A US Patent is in effect, as are Copyrighted verbiages for use in the new loan or loan mod Note docs. Licensing is required for any business use of the Plan, and licensing is FREE (CLICK on FREE Licensing above). The royalty fee is $100 per use for a new loan or a loan mod. The fee is to be collected by the lender from the borrower, and half that fee would be due to the Patent and Copyright owner, Edward Marshall, proprietor of Loans That Work, and who is also a member of the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL). A 20% fee discount down to $80 is available to all private lender members of AAPL, for each use.