All of you borrowers, residential buyers/developers, can now, for the small fee of $80 to $100 per new loan, or per loan mod if and when needed, have the HELPPR™ Loans That Help loan mod plan to protect your credit and prevent most short sales or foreclosures in the event unforeseen payment problems arise. In fact, the Plan makes it possible to still achieve a profit instead of certain loss with other loan mod plans. And those other loan mod plans could be hard to get if needed.

See HOW IT WORKS on the HOME page. Instead of borrowers losing money and credit by short sales and foreclosures, they get to keep their credit and most of the ownership, and they can make a profit, based on then current property value, when the property is either sold or refinanced, usually 1 to 3 years after the loan modification.

Your loan ship may not sink, but why not have a life jacket available just in case. The economy is not so easy to predict all the time.

The Plan can also be used to reduce your purchase down payment when you buy a property, by trading a percentage of ownership to cover the amount of cash to be provided to your escrow by your lender or by an investor who works with your lender.

Check with your private lender to see if they are already licensed to use the HELPPR™ Plan for new loans and for a loan modification if and when needed for any existing loan. If not, they can immediately be licensed for FREE to use the Plan, on this website.

The US Patent Office people knew what they were doing when they patented this Plan!

Now it can be part of your plan for safety first!