Investors in Private Loans Securitized or Not

Are you an investor in the private residential loan market? If you are, whether via the purchase of securitized loans or otherwise, you can markedly reduce the risk of your investments by investing in loans that are much safer because they include the HELPPR™ loan mod plan, patented by the US Patent Office, with the respective loan docs verbiage Copyrighted, which works as explained on the HOME page (CLICK above).

The Plan can be used as part of new loans for purchasing borrowers, that you invest in, so that the Plan can be used for a loan mod down the road that will prevent most short sales and foreclosures in case of trouble with monthly payments and defaults. The Plan can be used for any residential property loan that needs a loan mod, even if the original loan note never mentioned it.

If you, and or your co-investors, own a loan, or multiple loans, that is/are in trouble, when loans are modified using the HELPPR™ Plan, you, or any then current loan owners, will then own whatever percentage of the property it takes to reduce what is owed on the loan to the point that the borrower can afford the monthly payment. Then when the property is sold or refinanced, and there is the expected profit per market conditions, you, and all loan owners, will likely make up for the reduced payments that may have gone on for 1 to 3 years, and may even show a profit, based on the percentage of the then sold property that you owned!

This surely beats losing money permanently, which is what happens with other loan mod plans, and with most short sales and foreclosures if loan mods are not available. The HELPPR™ Plan makes it more likely that a loan mod can be accomplished.

Why not contact your private lenders that you invest with, and be sure they know about, and are licensed to use the HELPPR™ loan mod plan? They can be licensed for FREE, and they can pay the small royalty fee per use by collecting the low fee from the borrower. So, it costs them nothing extra to use the Plan! In fact, the private lender gets to keep half of the royalty fees they collect, for providing the HELPPR™ Plan services to their borrowers!

It’s your choice: Invest in highly protected loans, or in the less protected ones.