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Licensor, Edward Marshall, doing business as Loans That Help, hereby approves the non-exclusive licensing of as Licensee effective upon the date of signing hereof by Licensor. Either party shall have the right to cancel this Agreement with 30 days written notice to the other party. Upon such cancellation, Licensee shall no longer have the right to use the licensed items described herein.

Licensor is the sole owner of US Patent #8,666,883, and of the related Copyrighted verbiage, both of which comprise the HELPPR™ Plan, a loan modification plan for residential loans. The Copyrighted verbiage is for adding the HELPPR™ Plan to new residential loans, to prevent losses by lenders, loan owners, loan investors and borrowers should there be borrower defaults or inability to make monthly payments at any time during the loan; and there is also Copyrighted verbiage to be added to loan modification loan notes for any existing residential loan, that will then contain the HELPPR™ Plan.

There is no charge to Licensee for receiving this non-exclusive licensing. Royalty fees are to be collected by the Licensee from borrower loan clients for each use, whether for a new loan or a modified loan that contains the HELPPR™ Plan. The royalty fee for each use is $100, except the fee is reduced to $80 per use for private lenders who are members of the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL). It should be noted that Licensor is a member of AAPL. All private lender Licensees may retain 50% of each collected royalty fee in consideration of their usage of the HELPPR™ Plan, the service provided for each use by said Licensee, and for forwarding those fee amounts to Licensor, as described below. All royalty payments to Licensor are to be checks made out to Loans That Help, mailed to PO Box 57231, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413.

Licensee, if a private lender can forward 50% of the royalty HELPPR™ fee upon the loan closing, to the lender’s loan docs provider/servicer, if such servicer is licensed by this Agreement; or said fee could be collected by the licensed loan docs provider upon sale of the loan docs to the private lender. In either case the loan docs provider shall promptly forward said fees to Licensor. If Licensee is a private lender who does not work with a loan docs provider/servicer, the private lender is to promptly forward the 50% of the collected royalty fee directly to Licensor. Licensed loan docs providers may retain a $12 fee for each royalty collected from licensed private lenders and forwarded to Licensor. Upon Licensing, all Licensees shall promptly receive, from Licensor, emailed copies of the Copyrighted HELPRR™ loan docs verbiage, both the verbiage intended for new residential loans, and the verbiage intended for loan modification of any existing residential loan.

Licensor is totally exempted from any liability or damages resulting from exercise of this license or the invention, the HELPPR™ Plan, or any such claims by Licensee. Licensee agrees to promptly inform Licensor of any known infringement of Licensor’s US Patent or Copyrights that comprise the HELPPR™ Plan. Any unauthorized use of the patent or copyrighted material is strictly prohibited and Licensor’s rights will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law.

Any Licensee may choose to make only one payment for each month, of all fees owed, to Licensor.

Licensee is to provide the information below, and sign and date this Agreement.

Licensor will then provide Licensor’s information, sign, date and return a copy to Licensee by email, provided the information regarding Licensee meets the requirements for licensees for use of the HELPPR™ Plan.

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Edward Marshall, as authorized signer for Loans That Help Email address: Phone number (310) 528-4392 Mailing address for royalties: PO Box 57231, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

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