Loan Doc Providers & Servicers can go to the FREE Licensing page (CLICK above) to get licensed for FREE to make the HELPPR™ loan mod plan available to all of their lender clients. Upon us receiving a completed Licensing form, we will sign and confirm the License to the applying Company and we will email, to the licensed loan doc provider, the Copyrighted verbiage to be added to existing new residential loan Note docs and to existing loan modification docs.

Verbiage can be changed upon request as long as the requested change is emailed to us for approval, which will be promptly given, unless the changes are not consistent with the HELPPR™ Plan.

Having the HELPPR™ Loans That Help docs available should be good for the relationship between loan doc providers/servicers and their existing clients, and should attract other lenders to become new clients as well.

Letting existing and prospective clients know about the availability of the new loan docs should be good for everyone involved. All lender clients should be told that they can be licensed directly on this website for FREE, and that the lending company would then need to send you, if you are their loan doc provider, a copy of their approved license agreement.

They should also be informed that half of the royalty fee of $100, or $80 for AAPL private lender members, will be added to the fee charged for each set of loan docs for the HELPPR Plan that will be provided to them by you (that will be $50 or $40 for each set of docs). Licensed loan doc providers/servicers can retain and deduct a $12 fee for each royalty thus collected and forwarded to us at Loans That Help. The lenders get to keep half of each royalty fee they collect from borrowers, as a fee for the lenders providing the HELPPR™ Plan to their borrowing clients.

While the new loan mod plan is still limited to private lenders, it is very likely that many residential lenders to home occupying buyers, including large mortgage companies and banks, will get on board using the HELPPR™ Plan once its benefits become widely known and appreciated.

Also, the HELPPR™ Plan can be used for loans to residential property buyers who are willing to trade a percent of ownership in order to reduce their down payment. We, at Loans That Help, can provide that added verbiage for new loans upon request. Your lender clients can be told that their investors can buy those percentages of newly purchased residential properties, as well as the percentages of properties obtained by HELPPR™ loan mods.