Private Lenders can be licensed for FREE (CLICK on FREE Licensing above) to use the HELPPR™ Plan for your borrowers, both for new loans that have the new Patented/Copyrighted loan mod plan in case there is a loan payment problem later on, or for the loan modification of any loan already in trouble.

This Plan makes it far less likely that there will be any loss of money invested in loans, than with any other loan mod plan.

Once you have promptly received your approved license from us at Loans That Help, simply send your loan doc provider and servicing company, if you deal with one, a copy of your license for their records. If you create all your own loan docs, you will have noted that in your licensing agreement, and we will provide you with the verbiage to be added to your new loan Notes, and to your Notes for Loan modifications when needed.

If your lending company is a member of AAPL (the American Association of Private Lenders), your royalty fee for each use is reduced by 20% to $80, instead of $100, a fee that you collect from your borrower. You keep half the fee for your servicing your client, and send the other half to us, unless you work with a loan docs provider who will receive our half of the royalty fee from you as part of the price of each set of docs, and they will forward that half to us. In that case you keep the entire fee when collected from your borrower client, since you will already have paid our share of the fee.

Your investors, whether they invest via purchase of your securitized loans or otherwise, will be pleased to know that the loans they are investing in are much safer, with the HELPPR™ loan mod included for use if and when needed, in your new loan notes, than are other loans without the Plan, all as stated on the HOME page.

You may wish to contact your loan docs provider about the HELPPR™ Plan so that they can be licensed for FREE, if not already licensed, to include the Copyrighted verbiage of the HELPPR@ Plan in their loan docs for both new loans and for loan mods needed for any existing loan in trouble.

The Plan also can provide for a reduction of purchase down payment for your property-purchasing borrowers, in return for a percentage of ownership that covers that down payment reduction amount. You or your investors can provide the funds and be the owners of that percentage of the property.

There is no reason to delay. Why not become licensed for FREE to use the plan starting today, by CLICKING on FREE LICENSING above.

The Plan should attract more borrowers, and investors, to your lending company, and your existing borrowers will see that they are in a much safer situation, with the HELPPR™ Plan in their new loan Note, in the event a payment problem should arise later that would threaten them with default issues, such as foreclosure and loss of credit.

Unlike other loan mod plans, HELPPR™ can result in a profit for both lender and borrower when the home is sold or refinanced down the road, usually in a 1 to 3-year time frame. Other loan mods lose money permanently due to reduced payments with no way to make up and even surpass those losses.

This should make securitizing your loans, or otherwise attracting investors, much easier!

Not all loan ships sink, but why not have a life jacket handy just in case.